Andrew Watson

Christchurch View, Wood Quay, Dublin 8
+353 (0)83 036 0019

Experienced Java / C++ programmer with a Ph.D. in physics, looking for a software development or computational research position with advancement potential.
Software Developer  |  08.2016 – Present
National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training, Dublin, Ireland
Writing a Java / Scala-based data analysis and visualisation framework from scratch. Responsible for installing and managing a small Apache Hadoop cluster integrated with Apache Spark.
Adjunct Professor  |  01.2015 – Present
La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA, USA, and Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ, USA
Responsible for in-person and online physics and astronomy classes, including Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics and General Physics I and II. Currently teaching only online introductory astronomy at Rowan University.
Research Assistant  |  08.2012 – 05.2017
Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA
DarkSide Collaboration (direct dark matter search)
Transverse position reconstruction of events, using Principal Component Analysis; wrote original optical simulation / ray-tracing algorithm for prototype detector; data analysis
Argon Response Ionization and Scintillation (ARIS) Experiment
Created novel pulse-finding algorithm for waveform data; software development; extensive use of PostgreSQL and CERN's geant4 C++ toolkit; data analysis
Web Designer  |  11.2008 – 05.2017
Freelance throughout Pennsylvania, USA
Webmaster for the Lehigh Valley Society for Neuroscience from 2009 – 2016. Webmaster and graphic designer for Start Talking Science from 2013 – 2017.
Proficient  |  4+ years' experience
C/C++; bash/shell scripting; data analysis; LaTeX; HTML/CSS; JavaScript; Mac OS; Windows; Ubuntu; Microsoft Office; Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver; CERN's ROOT framework
Intermediate  |  1 – 4 years' experience
git versioning system, HPC/PBS, PostgreSQL, PHP, Java, Perl, CERN's geant4 toolkit
Beginner  |  < 1 year of experience
Scala; MATLAB; R; Python; Apache Spark, Hadoop, Maven; Javadoc; Scaladoc; sbt
Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA  |  08.2012 – 05.2017
Doctor of Philosophy, Physics  |  degree conferred May 2017
Master of Science, Physics  |  degree conferred August 2014
Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA, USA  |  08.2008 – 05.2012
Bachelor of Science, Physics & Mathematics with Honors (cum laude)
Start Talking Science  |  12.2013 – 05.2017
Co-founded by others and myself in December 2013, Start Talking Science is an annual event where STEM researchers present non-technical posters to the community. I was involved in all aspects of the conference, including logistics; fundraising; and web, print, and graphic design.
The Franklin Institute  |  11.2012 – 06.2014
The Franklin Institute is an interactive science museum in Philadelphia. I volunteered here, explaining scientific concepts like buoyancy and electricity to children and their parents.
Publications and Presentations
The DarkSide Collaboration | 20.02.2018 | arXiv The DarkSide Collaboration | 20.02.2018 | arXiv The DarkSide Collaboration | 20.02.2018 | arXiv The DarkSide Collaboration | 05.02.2018 | arXiv P. Agnes, A. W. Watson, et al. | 20.01.2018 | arXiv The DarkSide Collaboration | 18.12.2017 | Journal of Instrumentation The DarkSide Collaboration | 11.12.2017 | Journal of Instrumentation The DarkSide Collaboration | 23.10.2017 | Journal of Instrumentation The DarkSide Collaboration | 12.09.2017 | arXiv Andrew William Watson, Ph.D. Thesis | 08.2017 | ProQuest The DarkSide Collaboration | 25.07.2017 | arXiv 1707.08145 The DarkSide Collaboration | 24.01.2017 | Journal of Instrumentation The DarkSide Collaboration | 12.12.2016 | Journal of Instrumentation Andrew William Watson, seminar | 28.10.2016 | Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies Andrew William Watson, presentation | 14.06.2016 | Fermilab's New Perspectives 2016 The DarkSide Collaboration | 08.04.2016 | Physical Review D The DarkSide Collaboration | 16.03.2016 | Journal of Instrumentation The SCENE Collaboration | 26.05.2015 | Physical Review D The DarkSide Collaboration | 09.04.2015 | Physics Letters B The DarkSide Collaboration | 22.01.2015 | arXiv The DarkSide Collaboration | 19.06.2014 | Advances in High Energy Physics The SCENE Collaboration | 26.11.2013 | Physical Review D Andrew William Watson, Undergraduate Thesis | 05.2012 | Moravian College Reeves Library
Memberships and Awards
Sigma Pi Sigma, national physics honour society
Pi Mu Epsilon, national mathematics honour society
Phi Sigma Tau, national philosophy honour society
MENSA, international high IQ society
American Institute of Physics (AIP)
American Astronomical Society (AAS)
Doctoral Dissertation Completion Grant  |  Temple University
John H. Clewell Science Scholarship  |  Moravian College
Marlyn A. Rader Memorial Prize in Mathematics  |  Moravian College